Students are required to earn 3 credits by attending a laboratory/workshop, or by completing an internship, or by completing other eligible training activities under the IPLE Bachelor’s programme. Eligible activities include external projects such as Model United NationsYouth in action for sustainable development goalsVolontari per l'educazione, and voluntary work in established NGOs and associations. (Please check first with the academic tutor in charge of this type of activities).

These credits are normally earned during the second or third year of study.

Laboratories/workshops normally entail 20 class hours and require active participation from students. Student attendance (normally for at least 80% of classes) is compulsory. In addition, students are required to work outside the class in order to earn the 3 credits.

Laboratories are proposed and approved over the course of the Academic year (see the updated list below).

Follow the instructions in the attachments to register for the chosen laboratory.

Otherwise, at the end of the laboratory session, students will have to fill in the form below and send it to the academic tutor in charge of internships, workshops and seminars (for labs organized by IPLE, see contact page on this website). 


The contact person for laboratories/workshops is Prof. Fabio Franchino

Laboratories a.a. 2021-2022
  • DIGinLaw Summer School (3rd trimester) - prof. Francesca C. Villata
  • Authoritarian regimes today: How to study authoritarian resilience (3rd trimester) - prof. Giovanni Carbone
  • Arbitration and EU Law(3rd trimester) - Proff. Martino Zulberti, Jana Planavova-Latanowicz
  • La Cina e le relazioni economiche internazionali. Parole chiave e strumenti - (3rd trimester) - Proff. Simone Dossi, Bettina Mottura
  • Experimental designs in social and political research (3rd trimester) - prof. Riccardo Ladini
  • Academic Writing in Area Studies (4EU+ initiative; 2nd-3rd trimester) - prof. Marta Nowak
  • Culture, Democracy, International Affairs through the lens of Area Studies (4EU+ initiative; 2nd-3rd trimester) - prof. Elisa Giunchi
  • Java programming, big data and Hadoop (2nd-3rd trimester) - prof. Giancarlo Manzi
  • Official Statistics: organisation and data of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (in Italian, 2nd - 3rd trimester) - prof. Silvia Salini
  • Democracy and development (3rd trimester) - prof. Giovanni Carbone
  • Governments and the global economy (3rd trimester) - prof. Andrea Ariu
  • Sostenibilità e sviluppo sostenibile (in Italian - 2nd-3rd trimester; only 'corso base') - Prof. Cristiana Fiamingo
  • How to use international survey data for social research (2nd trimester) - prof. Cristiano Vezzoni
  • The Practice of International Emergency Response (2nd trimester) - prof. Mariangela Bizzarri
  • Jewish Identities in Changing Europe: Challenges, Problems and the Burden of the Past (4EU+ offer Unimi - 1st semester)
  • Sovereignty and State. European Integration and New Nationalisms (in Italian – 2nd trimester) – proff. Piero Graglia – Marco Bassani
  •  Negotiations in international organizations with former Italian diplomat David Morante (in Italian; 2nd-3rd trimester) - prof. Christian Ponti
Laboratories a.a. 2020-2021

Follow the instructions in the attachments to register for the chosen laboratory.

Unless the laboratory is also an elective course, in which case the professor should register your mark as usual, at the end you should fill the form attached below, and send it to the IPLE professor responsible for internships, laboratories and other activities (check the contact's webpage).

  • The practice of International emergency response - prof. Mariangela Bizzarri

  • How to use international survey data for social research - prof. Cristiano Vezzoni

  • Visual sociology laboratory - prof. Mariolina Graziosi

  • Covid-19 crisis as a model for data literacy - proff. Antonella Delle Fave, Giulio Vistoli and Elia Biganzoli

  • Empirical International Relations: Approaches and Methods - proff. Matteo Casiraghi and Valerio Vignoli

  • Pandemics and International Law: Norms, Actors and Responsibility - prof. Martina Buscemi

  • Summer School in Business Law - prof. Francesca Villata

  • The economic and social governance of the European Union in times of crisis - prof. Francesco Corti


IPLE further recognizes external activities such as Model United Nations, and the project Youth in action for sustainable development goals