IPLE is the new interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree programme in International Politics.

It provides upto-date knowledge, especially in the fields of political science, law and economics. IPLE is entirely taught in English, and students will opt for either:

  • the “International Politics and Economics” curriculum or
  • the “International Politics and Law” one.

In the former case, they will acquire a wide array of skills and tools for the comparative analysis of politics and economic policies; in the latter, they will delve into international relations issues, including international and European law, and the political history of specific regions of the world.

This bachelor’s programme further offers opportunities to attend a wide range of practical workshops and/or undertake short or long internship experiences.

Key facts
  • The University of Milan is the only Italian university among the 21 members of LERU (League of European Research Universities)
  • It regularly achieves one of the highest positions among Italian universities in International rankings
  • It offers more than 130 Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, together with 33 Doctoral programmes and several vocationally-oriented courses, with a total amount of more than 60.000 students.
  • IPLE Bachelor’s programme is run jointly by the three Departments of the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences: DILHPS (Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies), SPS (Department of Social and Political Sciences), and DEMM (Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods).
  • The Faculty is conveniently situated in a historic building in the centre of Milan, close to the Duomo (Milan’s Cathedral), the music college “Conservatorio”, and Milan’s fashion district - Full details about location
  • This is the first Bachelor’s degree of the University of Milan entirely taught in English (besides several international Master programmes). It is indeed the first English-taught Bachelor’s programme offered in Italy by a public university in the field of Political and International sciences.
  1. Study at one of the most prestigious and dynamic Italian universities.
  2. Study in English in a vibrant cosmopolitan environment, in a city that hosts eight universities.
  3. Live in a modern and lively city, fashion capital and a favourite travel destination for young people, in a country famous for its cultural heritage, historical attractions, and quality of life.
  4. Choose to be among the first BA students to establish bridges among cultures, countries and educational systems

IPLE is characterised by adopting English as its teaching language, the practical use of which is improved by a specific course, and is further enriched by the opportunity to learn a second European language.

The aim of the programme is twofold.

  • First, it seeks to provide students with a sound cultural background, as well as with a wide range of analytical and linguistics skills to be later employed in various Master’s Programmes in law, international relations, economics or political science, either in Italy or abroad.
  • Second, it aims at training professionals able to work in auxiliary roles in state administrations, international organisations, and/or Italian or foreign companies involved in international trade. IPLE offers several short training courses aimed at strengthening students’ logical skills and critical capacities, as well as offering the tools necessary for data analysis.

The goal is to guide students in combining the knowledge acquired through traditional courses with the development of specific skills through a teaching methodology based on a “learning by doing” approach. Furthermore, the programme provides several opportunities for internship in companies, institutions or organisations, as well as exchange experiences in foreign universities, thanks to a solid and stable network of partner universities that makes it possible to carry out exchange programmes such as Erasmus, Erasmus mundus and Erasmus Placement. The aim is to create double degree programmes as soon as possible.

Erasmus destination

The Departments responsible for the Bachelor’s programme have exchange agreements under the Erasmus+ programme with several foreign Universities.

Students can study for a few months in prestigious European universities in France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania, etc.

IPLE has exchange agreements also outside Europe, in Japan, with Waseda and Kobe University.

Being part of the 4EU+ alliance,  Unimi and IPLE aim at improving the international opportunities for our students, and establishing integrated teaching tracks and double degrees.

Curricula logo

Besides the common courses, offered mostly in the first two years of the programme, IPLE offers the possibility of choosing between two different curricula.

The first one is specialized in International Politics and Economics, and further offers a range of quantitative courses.

The second one addresses issues of International Politics and Law, and is mostly based on a more qualitative approach.