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EUROPAMOBIL 2023: Call for applications

Opportunities for IPLE students: Europamobil is back on tour! A group of 20 students from various European countries travel around by bus – the “Europamobil” – visiting schools running workshops, simulation games and seminars.

International human rights and humanitarian law advocacy clinic - AdvoC

Opportunities for IPLE Students: AdvoC consists in a spring-summer school. Find out more in the brochure. 

To submit your application, click here.

Applications for the Bachelor Degree in International Politics, Law & Economics (academic year 2023-24) are open.

Follow BiblioDOC, an e-learning course for all students of the University of Milan, especially undergraduates who are writing their theses: it will help you to better cope with the drafting of reports, papers and your final dissertation.